Monday, November 26, 2012

Grant Morrison, Alan Moore and Musings on Plagiarism

Maybe you know that Grant Morrison and Alan Moore don’t really have any affection towards each other. Maybe you do. Either way, there's a pretty well thought out and crafted article today from the minds at examining not only the decades long pseudo-feud between the two legendary creators, but the idea of plagiarism (and misconceptions around and about it) in not just comics, but art as well.

"Of course, especially in the West, we have this rather odd cult of artistic originality, in which we usually praise whoever did something first — even when we don’t like it, or the people who came after perfected the idea and did it better. That’s a little strange, when you think about it."

(On The Moore/Morrison Feud, Literary Borrowings, and the Anxiety of Influence-

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