Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gummie Bears? They're Dashing and Daring? Not Ringing Any Bells, Huh?

There's no doubt that Alicia Keys singing the theme song to The Gummie Bears all sultry like is perhaps the nerdiest thing that a celebrity will do all week. And there's no doubt that The Gummie Bears getting love over Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck and Tailspin on national television in 2012 is nothing short of spectacular.

What is mind blowing, though, is exactly how long it takes the studio audience to figure out just what Keys is singing. Seriously, I first saw this video sans description or title and as soon as she uttered the word "dashing" I knew what was going down. So what was up with the studio audience? A room full of baby boomers? Rescue Rangers fans? I kind of want to know.

Anyway, fantastic video, either way.


  1. I think the Rescue Rangers theory is correct. They started out too offended at Chip & Dale getting the snub to acknowledge the performance, but eventually softened due to Ms. Keys's sultry tones.

  2. Gummie Bears is the most singable of the Disney Afternoon theme songs, with Duck Tales right behind it.


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