Thursday, November 29, 2012

Speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy…

It seems in the last 24 hours, a list has surfaced that was authored in February of 2011 by James Gunn, writer and director of the forthcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. The list has caused the Internet to burst into flames because the list, titled “The 50 Super-Heroes You Most Want to Have Sex With” (voted upon by others with commentary from Gunn), contains what some have describes as vile content. No one’s angry at a list of fictional characters people want to fuck, mind you. Just some of Gunn’s commentary, which is mostly misogynistic, and at times homophobic. A blogger over at The Mary Sue was the first (I believe) to unearth the article, and has been one of its loudest critics. Let’s take a look at some of the choicest cuts, shall we?

On Gambit:
"My girlfriend voted for this Cajun fruit. I think she’s looking to have a devil’s three way with the two of us.  The idea of my balls slapping against Gambit’s makes me sick to my stomach, but I can’t deny the fellow’s pure HEAT."

On Wonder Woman:
"For the second year in a row, Princess Diana is the big winner.  It seems like many guys out there are hoping she’ll lasso their penises and make them tell the truth – which is that they want to be inside of Princess Diana!"

On Batwoman:
"This lesbian character was voted for almost exclusively by men. I don’t know exactly what that means.  But I’m hoping for a Marvel-DC crossover so that Tony Stark can “turn” her.  She could also have sex with Nightwing and probably still be technically considered a lesbian."

On Black Canary:
“I sometimes think that the Black Canary is the hottest chick in the DC Universe until I remember that she, uh, fucks Green Arrow.”

The list goes on, but I think those are three good indicators as to Gunn’s style and tone throughout the list.
People are pissed. Like, really, really pissed. Cries of boycotting Guardians of the Galaxy have already started to stir and I can’t imagine a call to have him removed entirely from the project to be too far behind. And I do get some of the uneasiness people are feeling. Really. I do.

But here’s the but…

I can’t be the only person to read this until recently unread list and know almost immediately that he’s writing in a style designed to be provocative. He’s writing in a tone intended to be come off as “frat-boyish”.

For Christ’s sake, the list is called “The 50 Super-Heroes You Most Want to Have Sex With”. Hell, before ripping Gunn a new one, The Mary Sue even says, “Lets [sic] be clear: there’s nothing wrong about running a poll for the most sex-able superhero on your site…”. Exactly how classy can such a list be? I mean, we are talking sexual fantasy with fantasy characters here.

The man was making jokes. Bad jokes, to be sure. But jokes nonetheless. That much is clear. How do I know? Because, from time to time, I’ve been known to cross the line with a comment or joke that I was so very certain was funny but lost something in the delivery. Just like everyone else who’s ever been known to tell an off color joke or two. Should he have toned the style down a little? Maybe. Should he be crucified and permanently labeled a homophobe, racist and misogynist? Not so much.

Dear Internet, please lighten the hell up.

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