Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Reason For The Season

Nativity Scenes! They’re a mainstay of the Christmas season, and, depending upon who you talk to, the reason for the season. While I love Christmas I’m not exactly the super religious type. I just like the season. Does it need a reason beyond just being awesome? 

But I'm a good sport and I do think The Nativity should have some representation in any home that’s chosen to celebrate Christmas. So a few years ago, I bought a manager scene, minus the figurines, to do my part in keeping the "Christ" in "Christmas"…

Okay, so maybe I didn’t actually keep the "Christ" in "Christmas", but I feel like I should get points for trying, and I should definitely get points for making an awesome Nativity scene. And, just for the would-be haters out there, there is actual thought here and each player is there for a reason.

Adam Warlock as Christ. I mean, come on, the character was drafted for the role in the Marvel Universe, why wouldn’t I draft him for the role in my own reenactment? Hell, Jesus died and rose from the dead once. Adam Warlock does it at least once a week.

The three wise men, ala Uatu, Death and Thanos. They’ve all, at one point or another, traveled from afar to take note of great cosmic events, and this one is no different.

Drax, Captain Marvel and Silver Surfer as the shepherds. This just made sense to me. These are three characters that travel the spaceways, defending justice, saving lives… shepherding you could even say.

Galactus as God. Because, you know, Jack Kirby pretty much said Galactus was an analogue for God tailor made for fighting The Fantastic Four. Plus, the idea of Galactus being present for any Biblical event makes me want to retcon the good book. Hmm....

Interesting side-note; it turns out 5-year-olds don’t get irony, symbolism or heresy. A friend of mine’s kid saw the pic and evidently very earnestly wondered where the baby Jesus was. Yeah, about that…

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