Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Interlocking The X-Men Movieverse Is Like Printing Money

Chris McQuarrie, writer of The Usual Suspects and at one point attached to write The Wolverine, thinks it's a good idea for Fox to make a bunch of interlocking X-Men movies.
"I thought that it’d be really cool to create a ‘bible’ – you know, a series of outlines of interlocking movies where you could do kind of you’re creating multiple movies that could come together as one movie here and there."
According to Screen Rant, he pitched the idea, but never heard back.
"…And… you know… I never heard back."
Someone needs to run with this. Not only did Marvel proper make a mint interlocking all their Avengers players, but X-Men? Those comics wrote the book on how to get fans hooked via uber-connected stories across various titles. And God knows there are enough mutants to fill out multiple movies over the next three decades.

Now it used to be the different mutant books kind of sort looked the same more often than they didn't, but Marvel has, over the last few years, diversified their mutant books. As they stand now you could not only get nice rub of the popularity of the existing films,

Plus, you know, I'd probably be able to die happy if I could see a good X-Factor movie. So there's that.

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