Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pacific Rim Trailer: Giant Robots and Giant Monsters Throw Down

I want you to sit back. I want you to close your eyes and meditate for a moment on the fact that we live in a time where all the movies we wanted to see as children are not only being made, but often times by great directors. That a director like Guillermo del Toro makes a movie about giant, human pilots robots fighting giant interdimensional monsters.

I mean... shit.


  1. I just hope this movie comes closer to the Avengers, than to the Urban Dictionary definition of Pacific Rim.

  2. I know that he's been in about a bazillion movies and TV shows since The Wire, but every time I see Idris Elba, I just shout "Stringer Bell!"

  3. I love that he's got Ellen McLain as the voice of the AI, but... ripping off GlaDOS from Portal that completely is just a little jarring.

    Unless those are bona-fide Aperture Science giant robots. And Cave Johnson makes an appearance.


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