Thursday, December 13, 2012

She-Ra Goes Dark. Real Dark, Evidently...

I totally want to hate on this. In fact, I’m actually fighting the urge to break into geek rage as I type this. “HOW DARE YOU DARKEN THIS PURE CHARACTER FROM MY CHILDHOOD! MEEEH! THINGS!” Or something to that effect.

But, man, from what the creators say, it makes sense and even sounds... God help me... cool. Some choice quotes from the article on from those involved with the project:

Writer Mike Costa on the fact that she was in fact raised by Hordak and served as his personal assassin:
 “…rather than being just a passive dreamer, she's actually already a very powerful character. Sure she's a powerful character working for evil, but that only makes her journey all the more heroic and interesting. The messages of strength, capability and redemption, those are some really empowering and sophisticated ideas for a princess character aimed at girls from 30 years ago."
Damnit, that makes narrative sense.

Artist Drew Edward Johnson on her nature:
“She wasn't born as this deadly Hordak enforcer but was made one, and over the course of the story, we can see how she's been kept in line and made to do things that are against her nature.”
Quit it! Just admit this is a sly way to ruin someone’s childhood! Quit trying to make this sound like an engaging comic!

Johnson adds:
“…like Wonder Woman, She-Ra is iconic. She stood, and stands, as a strong and good-hearted character that anyone of any age can get behind.”
How DARE you try to make this character about more than trying to sell kids back in the 80’s more toys!

Phew. Took a lot out of me.

CNN has a gallery of images of old and new. The comic looks great and based on the interview with those involved, it might possibly be great.

But it’s being published by DC. So there’s that. And never underestimate DC’s ability to screw up anything iconic.

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