Thursday, December 13, 2012

So What's the Plan For Darkseid in the Justice League Movie?

Over at Latino Review, “someone” has an alleged lead on what the plot source material will be for the impending Justice League movie. Let the speculation begins!

Word is the plot will be loosely based around the events of Justice League of America 183-185. The plot of said arc was essentially Darkseid scheming to blast Earth away to make room for Apokolips. The arc, while no means a bad (I'm actually more than a little fond of it), one kind of makes me said as, to me at least, what always made me dig Darkseid was that he didn’t want to destroy humanity so much as subdue it. That was the crux of the character under Kirby, what with the big bad on a quest to find The Anti-Life Equation. And Grant Morrison has shown us twice what a world would look like under Darkseid’s thumb (JLA: Rock of Ages and Final Crisis), and both were a whole hell of a lot more terrifying than just being blown to space dust. I get that producers want stakes that are as high as you can get them, but…

But Darkseid completely corrupting the Earth and humanity with it seem to me to be more fitting with the darkening of the movie DC characters, ala Nolan’s Batman and what we’ve gleaned from Man of Steel.
That and blowing Earth up to make room for your planet is a bit too Flash Gordon for me. Not that I don’t like Flash Gordon, but Ming ain’t the villain of Justice League. Darkseid is. Let’s have him act like Darkseid.

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  1. "Hey Pa - should I join with these other heroes and stop Darkseid from blowing up the Earth?"



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