Thursday, January 3, 2013

LA Times Readers Hate Avengers And Very Likely Freedom

As the headline reads over on the LA Times website, The Avengers was not only voted the most overrated movie of 2012 by the publications readers, but evidently took the title by "a landslide". From the article:
"According to more than 2,600 respondents to a Times online survey Joss Whedon's get-the-band-together take on the iconic superheroes was the most overpraised feature film of 2012."
 I mean.... really? Not the one long plot hole that was The Dark Knight Rises? Not the overly self-important Lincoln? The most overpraised movie of 2012 was the super hero movie that was damn near perfect?

I'm going to go crack open a bottle of Scotch and spend the rest of the day trying to process this one.


  1. Yes! It's becoming clear that you're not really the person to talk about how this industry really works. Time after time you throw out random and unfounded opinions and are confused by the very idea that other people do not hold the same opinion. Honestly I just tune in to your little blog to know why the movies and comics you DON'T like are good and the ones you DO like are terrible.

  2. Well, that's just, like, your opinion man.

    I kid, I kid! In all seriousness, I'd love to know when my opinions are apparently unfounded and when I seem confused.

    Either way, thanks for tuning into my little blog!

  3. I find your opinions to be well researched and delivered. Also, I enjoy wrapping myself in your smugness like a warm blanket.

  4. Not being smug. Not at all. I'm dead serious when I say I'm completely and totally open to folks calling bullshit. All I ask is that you be specific.


  5. Holy crap. Steven Spielberg reads Chris' blog.


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