Friday, April 12, 2013

Texts Between Two Grown Men in Their 30's

It should come as a shock to no one who's reading a blog called "The Nerduary" that not only am I a geek, but so is a good portion of my social circle. Also, much like me, a good portion of my social circle is made up of assholes. So with that, here's a text exchange I recently had with one of my pals round about 8:28 A.M. on an idle Monday morning...

FRIEND: You’ve got the touch! You’ve got the powweweeeerrrrrrrrr!


FRIEND: I had a dream last night. I had the Matrix of Leadership, but I abused my position for completely petty purposes.

FRIEND: I was also a Dinobot.

ME: Of course you did. Because you were a Dinobot and you were you.

FRIEND: All good points. Why were all the Dinobots autistic?

ME: Because Wheeljack was drunk when he made them. Also, oddly enough, Transformers featured in my dream last night as well, including the Dinobot Swoop. Weird.

ME: I was hanging out with Hot Rod and Kup.

ME: Swoop just came by, started talking some shit in third person and left. Hot Rod called him a fucking idiot then we went about our adventure

FRIEND: Swoop. I hated that asshole.

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