Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Guitar Hero Is Officially Dead

At least, come March 31st it will be. That's when Activision will stop offering any DLC for the series.

I could never get into the Guitar Hero franchise, or the many other knock-offs that popped up over the few years that kind of game was king. I think it primarily had to do with me having the hand-eye coordination of a blind, epileptic chimpanzee so even with the game on the easiest setting, I was always doomed to complete and total failure. But still, there was a minute there where that game was all over the place. Hell, even my mom was known to have given a try once or twice and that's a woman who never once touched an NES controller save to threaten to throw it in the trash if I kept "leaving the Goddamn thing in the middle of the floor!"

And then it was gone. Over night. Poof!

So I was actually surprised at the announcement that Activision would soon be discontinuing all DLC for it's Guitar Hero games. Because I thought, ya know, that had would have been done years ago. At least since 2011 when the series went dormant.

But, if you still get the ol' axe out from time to time, now's the time to pick up the DLC stuff as Activision will be offering deep discounts on all of it until it goes away forever come March 31.


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