Monday, April 7, 2014

On Wrestlemania 30

Wrestlemania 30 is now part of the WWE history books and what an entry it turned out to be. It was that fantastic sort of event filled with meaning and pay-off. It had moments that sent the crowd into a frenzy and moments that left the crowd in stunned silence. Here're my favorite moments from the Showcase of the Immortals:

1. The End of "The Streak"

I'll be honest and admit that I felt like The Undertaker's legendary Wrestlemania winning streak should have come to an end years ago. It was cool at first when this happy accident became a thing, but The Streak had grown to become to center of the conversation for every one of Undertaker's Wrestlemania bouts. It's been long past due for The Streak to end...

But at the hands of Brock Lesnar? Really? That's who we allow to end this? Not some young athlete who would be able to use the victory for a boost into mega-stardom (like, say Roman Reigns), but... Brock Lesnar? That this is who the WWE chose to end The Streak is still baffling me 12 hours later and probably will for a long time to come.

That said, I'm glad The Streak is over and look forward to see what The Undertaker does now that he's free from it.

2. Daniel Bryan's Wrestlemania Moment

I got the same feeling from Daniel Bryan's victory as I did when HBK won his first title way back at Wrestlemania 12. There was a legitimate sense of accomplishment and actual pay-off that was made this match gratifying to watch as a fan. And kudos to Triple H for selling the shit out Bryan all through the evening. The Internet loves to hate on The Game, but last night there's no reason for anyone to give him anything but props.

3. Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock

For me, the show opener of three of the biggest names in wrestling all standing in one ring together cutting promos was damn near the highlight of the evening. Not only did it bring back some pretty fantastic memories from childhood, college and beyond, but those three guys looked like they were having a legitimately good time.

4. Bray Wyatt Continues On The Road To The Big Time

It's been clear for a while now that Bray Wyatt is one of the rising stars, but his Wrestlemania 30 match with John Cena just made that all the more official. If Wyatt continues on his current path, I'm guessing we'll be seeing him headline Wrestlemania 31 this time next year.

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