Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sent to the Onion Fields

For those precious few wondering why there was no Nerduary update yesterday, you can blame it all on onions.  My pal Jake runs a production company called Stouthouse Media and every year he does some fairly intense promotional video work for a Vidalia onion grower and distributor. This year he called on yours truly to come lend a hand, thus I spent the last two days standing in an onion field in south Georgia, running a camera.

I thought I was supposed to be wished into a cornfield...

But I'm home now and hopefully I can get back to Nerduary business tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy a photo of me reading Jim Starlin's Warlock run to my (almost) two-year-old godson.

He can now correctly identify Thanos, Warlock and Gamora.

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