Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Forces of Geek and Old School Chris

As previously mentioned, a few weeks ago I started blogging for For some reason or another, site founder and editor Stefan Blitz thought I'd be a good fit for the site so now, every Friday, you can read a little column called Secret Origins by Chris Brennaman. I bring it up again because, hey, there's volume now.

Secret Origins is where I lay bare the key moments in my formation as a geek. In other words, I write about the shit that caught my attention as a young man and made me the bitter old-ish man I am today.

I say "old-ish" because, hey, I'm only in my mid-30s so back off.

So if you've ever wondered to yourself either silently or aloud, "hey, why is Chris Brennaman such a raging, self righteous asshole?" Well, now you can get some insight. This week's topic, Transmetropolitan!

Speaking of "formative" I keep running into this photo...

That's me and Mike Allred, circa 1997 at my first comic convention. I had just graduated from high school and had been wanting to go to a U2 concert. My dad and I were going to go together, but then he learned there was a con that same weekend and was all like "let's go get our geek on" and I was all like "Goddamn better believe!"

So me and dad spent four days together at a con. In hindsight so much better than a U2 concert (although I'm certain the concert was great). I have a whole lot more pics from that weekend in '97 but this is the one where I look the most full of hope, the most innocent. 

And Mike Allred ain't a bad lookin' guy, am I right, ladies? Huh? Huh?! Am I right?!?!

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