Thursday, September 18, 2014

From Multiversity: The Society of Super-Heroes

"As long as I get Doc Fate's balls to wear as earrings." - Shiva

Huh. Well, that's a first as far as I know in a non-Vertigo DC comic book. A character directly referencing the testicles of another. And not just referencing them. No, Shiva wants to wear Doc Fate's testicles. As earrings. Because...?

Individuality, maybe? It's not like she'll go to a party and stumble into, I don't know, Cheshire, only to find that she too is wearing Doc Fate's balls as earrings. Except, this being Multiversity, the tale of parallel universe hoping heroes and villains, I guess it would be possible for two people to show up to a party wearing Doc Fate's balls as earrings. Not the same Doc Fate, obviously. Clearly, they would be the balls of two unique individuals. Only, said unique individuals would be Doc Fate and his balls would be in use as earrings. The same balls. But different.

Seriously, though; in a mainstream DC comic book, a character actually puts in a request to attain possession of another character's testicles. To wear. As earrings.

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